Genesis + John | Belle Chapel Wedding

Wow. Where do we even start with these two. We usually walk into a wedding praying we'll be a blessing to the couple, but we can wholeheartedly say we left Genesis and John's wedding feeling abundantly encouraged by THEM. I don't know if it was the joy that radiates from them, the amazing community of friends and family they've surrounded themselves with, or just the intense love for Jesus and each other, but Jarrett and I felt like our own marriage was pushed to love better and deeper after leaving this wedding. We're so grateful we captured it in a way both they and we can re-watch over and over and feel that encouragement with each viewing.

So thank you, Genesis and John, for keeping your eyes, hearts and marriage so firmly where they belong. As our last wedding of 2014, you both refreshed and reminded us why we do what we do: to love God and to love others--first and foremost. Much love to you both!

~Heather + Jarrett


Britt + Brad | Willows Lodge Wedding

At first glance, this stunner of a wedding might seem like traditional fare, but look a little closer and you'll see lots of spice!

Britt and Brad came up from San Francisco to get married in her hometown of Woodinville at Willows Lodge. They met while working for Groupon in the city and there started their road to a personal and gorgeous wedding day. Here are our favorite unique pieces of Britt + Brad's story and wedding day:

1) Britt popped the question to Brad! Her proposal started it all. How cute is that!

2) Britt's short tulle wedding dress was completely unexpected yet totally her -- it couldn't have been any cuter! When Brad first saw her he said, "Is this the actual dress?" She surprised him with something unconventional and you can tell he LOVES it!

3) We didn't know this until after the wedding, but Britt was a contestant on the TV show The Bachelor. She even made it to the top five! Her bachelor was Brad Womack, so her friends started a fun hashtag at her wedding of #brittmarriedbrad #notwomack! We love that she found her true Brad in her new hubby! 

4) No cake please! Britt and Brad had a Fro Yo food truck set up camp at their reception instead of the traditional wedding cake. They celebrated their custom dessert in martini glasses and then invited their guests to create their own!

5) Finally, we love that their wedding party was simple and sweet: just their brothers. Britt's brother stood up with her while Brad's brother stood with him. No large wedding party, just close siblings sharing in a special moment. That may not be for everyone, but it certainly fit these two.

Britt and Brad did things their way for their wedding, and the carefree joy they had throughout their day shows they didn't regret it for a second! Enjoy their beautiful, one-of-a-kind and completely personal wedding. PRESS PLAY!


Nicole + Michael | Roche Harbor

A walk along the dock is the perfect way to spend time with your one-and-only <3 Watch these newlyweds bask in sweet moments together as husband and wife -- and stay tuned for a first dance for the books! Congratulations Nicole & Mike!


Julie + Rodrigo | Crescent Lake

It's not often we get to make a film like this. For one, Julie + Rodrigo chose the most beautiful Pacific Northwest hideaway for their wedding, Crescent Lake. The natural beauty is breathtaking, and getting outside the city really allowed us to experiment with new angles and styles -- meaning that Western Washington's beauty is just radiant. Second, we let the song tell the story of this couple. Per the bride's request, we didn't use audio clips from the wedding; instead, we chose a song who's lyrics did the talking for us. And quite honestly, it couldn't have turned out more perfectly.

Julie + Rodrigo met in Washington while in med school and though they call Dallas home, they knew they wanted to get married in the state that stole their hearts. If an incredible PNW wedding was what they were aiming for, we'd say they hit the bulls-eye. Thanks to them for letting us capture it for them!

Press play, then let us know what you think in the comments!