Thanks for Naming Us The Knot Best of Weddings 2016!

First and Foremost Prodcuctions The Knot

We're beyond thrilled to be named a 2016 pick for The Knot Best of Weddings!

If you don't know, The Knot Best of Weddings is an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests on The Knot. This means that our amazing clients wrote real, honest reviews and we're blown away to say we have 5-star reviews across the board. Wow!!

In 2016, only 2% of the 250,000 local wedding professionals listed on received the award, and we're so grateful that our amazing clients believed in us enough to make it happen. Thanks so much guys!

Here are some of the sweet things our clients wrote about us that make us get a little teary-eyed! Thank you again!

"This is the best investment that my husband and I made for our wedding."
Kristen + Jeremy
Heather and Jarrett have such a passion & talent for this art! They put their whole hearts into making your video and wedding day so special and unique to you and your loved ones."
Ben + Dani
"I cannot express the amount of happiness and gratitude that my husband and I felt after we saw our wedding film. Heather and Jarrett are absolutely the best!"
Mylan + Dimitri

Lucent Film Fest Finalist!

Guys, we have the BEST news! And it couldn't have come at a better time :)

Our wedding film "Macy + Ryan" was a finalist in the Best Wedding Short Film category!

This was us a few weeks ago: a little stressed, a little overwhelmed, and questioning if we're any good at what we do. We'd had a rough few weeks trying to juggle family time and our work load, and we felt like we weren't doing any of it well. We've all been there, right?

But then, in the midst of it all, we got an email that lifted our spirits right through the roof!

You've been chosen as a finalist for this year's Lucent Film Fest & Awards!

What?! Not only is this a film fest packed with entries from the top professionals in our field, but there were only four finalists chosen for each category--how did we get so lucky?! Honestly, we'd entered our film "Macy + Ryan" in the Best Wedding Short Film category simply as an act of bravery. We never expected to be a finalist, but we did think it was important to at least put ourselves out there and remind ourselves that we're proud of the memories we create. The fact that the panel of judges loved what they saw and named us a finalist was simply the icing on the cake!

Spoiler alert: We didn't win (that honor went to the crazy talented Pen Weddings out of Oklahoma), but that's totally not what this was about for us. It was about remembering that we love what we do, that is makes the difference in the lives and marriages of our couples and, even when we question ourselves, it reminded us that we're actually good at what we do. Don't we all need that little reminder sometimes?

We want to say THANK YOU to all our wonderful clients who have supported us along this journey of creating incredible wedding films. With you by our side, we feel like we can conquer anything!

Macy + Ryan | Finalist | Best Wedding Short Film | Lucent Film Fest 2016

Three Reasons to Leave it to the Professionals

This is our sweet son Banyan after his first haircut. Such a handsome bug right?!

He was so good for the stylist and let her chop away at his hair without a fuss or a wiggle. He was pretty great about it and the process seemed easy. Easy enough that we could do it ourselves? "Of course! Why not!" we said. We walked out of that first cut confident we could save the money and do it ourselves next time--easy peasy!

This is our sweet son Banyan after his second haircut. Notice anything different??

Back at the salon to fix the disaster we did to his head!

Back at the salon to fix the disaster we did to his head!

Patiently waiting for the stylist to remedy his botched home haircut!

Patiently waiting for the stylist to remedy his botched home haircut!

Are the words bowl cut OR chop shop OR "Oy vey!" coming to mind? Poor little guy had to roam through the playgrounds like that for 24 hours before we were able to get him in to a stylist to fix our mess. We felt terrible and were kicking ourselves for getting in over our heads!

In other words, what looked so easy in the hands of a professional proved WAY OUT OF OUR LEAGUE. And this sweet little guy lived with the consequences! (Needless to say, we might not win Parent of the Year awards this year!) 

So what did we learn through all this? LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS! Whether it's a haircut or *ahem* a cinematography team to capture your wedding, here are three reasons you should leave it to the pros:

  • ONE | They know what they're doing! It might seem easy, but there was a lot of training, time, and experience that went in their skill. They'll get it right the first time instead of leaving you with a mess to clean up later.
  • TWO | It's a wise investment! In terms of wedding cinematography, you might cry (not happy) tears when you look back at your film. Case in point: We didn't hire a professional videographer for our own wedding six years ago (we didn't even know they existed!) and instead handed a camcorder off to an uncle. Well. . . he never learned how to use the camera, our ceremony "coverage" consists of the sky, people's feet, and somewhere in there an earthquake must have hit because it gets pretty nauseating! He must have grown tired of figuring out the camera by ceremony's end, because he left the camera on the sideline for the rest of the day. What we wouldn't give to hear our vows(!), see our tiny flower girls navigate the aisle, or watch some shots of a pretty epic dance party! But . . . we didn't leave it to a professional, and we'll always regret it!
  • THREE | A bad job is not always salvageable. Banyan got cleaned up pretty well after his botched haircut, but the stylist still couldn't do anything about the bald patch we'd given him in the back of his head. Or the bangs we'd cut waaaaay too short in the front. And our "wedding video" we mentioned above: nothing could have saved that--trust us, we've tried! Easier solution: let someone who knows what they're doing--and better yet, does it for a living(!)--take care of you. That way, there won't be anything to salvage in the first place :)

So everyone, we hope you learn from our mistakes! If ever in doubt--LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS! 

- Jarrett + Heather

P.S. Here he is after we got him all fixed <3