Tracy + David | Within Sodo Wedding

Honest to God, I’ve never wanted to be friends with a couple more than I’ve wanted to be friends with Tracy and David. Like, it should be illegal to be as funny, cool, bright, warm, and kind as these two. Did I mention cool? And so, so genuinely kind? I didn’t want to leave them!

My cheeks hurt from grinning so much throughout their seriously perfect day. Tracy and David had this ease and comfort with each other than any couple would envy. There is no doubt these two have the best time when they’re together, make light of every situation, and genuinely think the world of each other. They’re best friends and there’s no hiding it. Need proof? Here are some highlights of the day (which isn’t a substitute for seeing it for yourself in their awesome video below!):

  1. Their vows. Geez, how is it possible for have vows that are perfectly sweet and saucy?? I cried and laughed with each sentimental promise followed by, “Except when . . .” and “Unless . . .” Perfection.

  2. Tracy’s dress. Guys, I accidentally filmed the back of her dress waaaaay too much. It was just too pretty.

  3. A Father-Daughter Dance for the books. Turns out dad’s got moves.

  4. Tracy and David. That’s it, just them. They’re perfect <3


Venue: Within Sodo | Videographer: First and Foremost Productions | Photographer: Kelly Lemon Photography | Coordination and Catering: Duo Catering | DJ & Emcee: Integral DJs | Officiant: Blair Mercer (Groom’s Uncle) | Florist: Shady Vines | Hair & Makeup: Angie Evans