Lucent Film Fest Finalist!

Guys, we have the BEST news! And it couldn't have come at a better time :)

Our wedding film "Macy + Ryan" was a finalist in the Best Wedding Short Film category!

This was us a few weeks ago: a little stressed, a little overwhelmed, and questioning if we're any good at what we do. We'd had a rough few weeks trying to juggle family time and our work load, and we felt like we weren't doing any of it well. We've all been there, right?

But then, in the midst of it all, we got an email that lifted our spirits right through the roof!

You've been chosen as a finalist for this year's Lucent Film Fest & Awards!

What?! Not only is this a film fest packed with entries from the top professionals in our field, but there were only four finalists chosen for each category--how did we get so lucky?! Honestly, we'd entered our film "Macy + Ryan" in the Best Wedding Short Film category simply as an act of bravery. We never expected to be a finalist, but we did think it was important to at least put ourselves out there and remind ourselves that we're proud of the memories we create. The fact that the panel of judges loved what they saw and named us a finalist was simply the icing on the cake!

Spoiler alert: We didn't win (that honor went to the crazy talented Pen Weddings out of Oklahoma), but that's totally not what this was about for us. It was about remembering that we love what we do, that is makes the difference in the lives and marriages of our couples and, even when we question ourselves, it reminded us that we're actually good at what we do. Don't we all need that little reminder sometimes?

We want to say THANK YOU to all our wonderful clients who have supported us along this journey of creating incredible wedding films. With you by our side, we feel like we can conquer anything!

Macy + Ryan | Finalist | Best Wedding Short Film | Lucent Film Fest 2016