Sophia + Paul | JBLM Military Wedding

If you're a sucker for amazing speeches filled with lots of laughter and heart, this is the video for you!

You can always tell how deeply these couples are loved by the moving speeches their friends and families give about them. If we didn't know it already, it was confirmed that Paul + Sophia are an incredibly special couple when each speech was more heartfelt and tear-inducing than the last. They are not only loved, but admired, respected, and so very treasured by the community surrounding them. These are definitely some of our favorite speeches we've had the honor of witnessing, and we're thrilled they fit so well in telling the story of their wedding day.

Enjoy this equal parts romantic, heartfelt and fun film (did we mention there are handsome military men wielding sabers involved?!)! Press play!


Blair and Bryan's wedding day started off in dramatic fashion -- but luckily it was only dramatic for US, not them! The morning of their wedding, I (Heather) was 32 weeks pregnant and started showing signs of early labor -- a terrifying thought, especially with your first babe! So instead of leisurely packing up in the morning and heading down to Tacoma together to shoot the wedding, Jarrett and I were pacing around the hospital hoping everything was all right. Jarrett was worried about me, and I was worried about Blair and Bryan's wedding! Thankfully(!), the doctors told us everything looked okay and, if Jarrett needed to, he could head to the wedding while I stayed for a little more monitoring. We both agreed everything seemed fine and I told him not to worry about heading down without me. In the end, everything WAS fine (that little babe stayed in there nearly til his due date!) and Jarrett handled shooting solo like a champ. We want to give a HUGE thank you to Bryan and Blair for being so laid back and understanding about everything that day! And while the day started hectic, it ended beautifully; Blair and Bryan had a gorgeous wedding at Chambers Bay Golf Course and below is the short wedding film to prove it. Check it out :)

Venue: Chambers Bay Golf Course
Photographer: The amazing Amanda Lloyd Photography
Floral: Jen's Blossoms
Cake: Corina Bakery
Make Up + Hair: Erin Hunt Makeup