Genesis + John | Belle Chapel Wedding

Wow. Where do we even start with these two. We usually walk into a wedding praying we'll be a blessing to the couple, but we can wholeheartedly say we left Genesis and John's wedding feeling abundantly encouraged by THEM. I don't know if it was the joy that radiates from them, the amazing community of friends and family they've surrounded themselves with, or just the intense love for Jesus and each other, but Jarrett and I felt like our own marriage was pushed to love better and deeper after leaving this wedding. We're so grateful we captured it in a way both they and we can re-watch over and over and feel that encouragement with each viewing.

So thank you, Genesis and John, for keeping your eyes, hearts and marriage so firmly where they belong. As our last wedding of 2014, you both refreshed and reminded us why we do what we do: to love God and to love others--first and foremost. Much love to you both!

~Heather + Jarrett