Genesis + John | Belle Chapel Wedding

Wow. Where do we even start with these two. We usually walk into a wedding praying we'll be a blessing to the couple, but we can wholeheartedly say we left Genesis and John's wedding feeling abundantly encouraged by THEM. I don't know if it was the joy that radiates from them, the amazing community of friends and family they've surrounded themselves with, or just the intense love for Jesus and each other, but Jarrett and I felt like our own marriage was pushed to love better and deeper after leaving this wedding. We're so grateful we captured it in a way both they and we can re-watch over and over and feel that encouragement with each viewing.

So thank you, Genesis and John, for keeping your eyes, hearts and marriage so firmly where they belong. As our last wedding of 2014, you both refreshed and reminded us why we do what we do: to love God and to love others--first and foremost. Much love to you both!

~Heather + Jarrett


BRITTA + ZACH | Twin Willow Gardens

Talk about a girl who puts her whole heart into her wedding day! Britta waited years to marry the love of her life, her high school sweetheart Zach. And it was obvious she wasn't going to let this long-awaited day pass her by! The details were meticulously poured over by Britta, and each piece perfectly fit her secret garden theme: roses, willow trees, vintage gate keys and so much more! But more than the physical details, you could tell she put so much thought into how she was going to let her family, friends and guests know they were loved. Her bridesmaids had sweet treats and celebratory drinks on hands, and they each had a personalized hanger for their bridesmaid dresses. She'd written the absolute sweetest letter to her dad just before their father-daughter first look, and it even had us tearing up behind our lenses! Family had personalized seat tags hanging on their chairs at the ceremony (you'll see a sweet shot in the film below!) and the dance floor at the reception bumped with throwbacks she knew everyone would love! On top of all that, she made Zach feel loved and adored from the moment they first laid eyes on each other under the trees in her secret garden. Britta, if you're reading this, you did an amazing job with every detail of your wedding -- thank you for letting us be a part of it and showing so much love!

Now, let's see all those details! 


We were blown away by the vows and speeches given at this wedding. The amount of love and respect Andrew and Merriss's friends and family have for them, both individually and as a couple, was unprecedented. The feeling of rich and unconfined adoration was tangible amongst this group of people; it was like a current running through everything that day. We've never experienced anything like it, but we can wholeheartedly say we hope it's not the last time.

Andrew and Merriss have given their lives to serving other; Andrew as a child psychologist and Merriss as a veterinarian. But they also know how to let loose. Andrew is considered "one of the best playmakers Ultimate Frisbee has ever seen" and he played competitively on the Seattle Sockeyes; Merriss is a breathtaking trained dancer (you'll see both of their moves in the film!). Whether they're serving others, loving one another, or having fun, we wish these two a lifetime of love and memories pursuing their dreams as husband and wife!

CLAIRE + CHARLIE | Love By Seaplane

Seattle Wedding Videography, First and Foremost Productions, Style Me Pretty

Claire + Charlie's wedding was magic from beginning to end. From their seaplane entrance into Port Ludlow to their intimate ceremony and reception at The Inn, there was so much excitement and joy running throughout their day! With only 23 guests to share in their day, the intimacy made their love feel that much bigger. 

We loved seeing this super sweet film featured on Style Me Pretty alongside Nikki Closser Photography's gorgeous images -- see the feature here, then enjoy their film below!

VenueThe Inn at Port Ludlow 
Photography: Nikki Closser Photography
Cake + FlowersButter & Bloom
Marquee Sign: Charlie + Claire!