Emily + Alex | The Ruins Seattle Wedding

We’re anxious to share this film with Emily and Alex, so we’re going to keep this blog post short and sweet. Before diving into the film, we just want to share one small thing Emily’s maid of honor said during her speech that has stuck with us since their wedding day.

With striking honesty and sincerity, Emily’s maid of honor talked about the whole, fulfilled, and brilliant people Emily and Alex are individually. She talked about having never met two people who—completely apart from each other—are perfectly content, perfectly successful, perfectly kind, and perfectly whole all on their own. The beauty of Emily and Alex, she said, is that they don’t need each other. Instead, in their wholeness, they choose to be together and move through the world as a unit Two whole people, bringing their wholes selves into a marriage with no need to complete the other, but to simply enjoy each other, encourage each other, and bring a real love and respect to the beauty of marriage.

We can tell you this: the words of Emily’s maid of honor will always stay with us for a long time, painting a hopeful and gorgeous picture of marriage <3

Now with that, enjoy Emily and Alex’s romantic, fun (and perfectly moody) wedding film.