We were blown away by the vows and speeches given at this wedding. The amount of love and respect Andrew and Merriss's friends and family have for them, both individually and as a couple, was unprecedented. The feeling of rich and unconfined adoration was tangible amongst this group of people; it was like a current running through everything that day. We've never experienced anything like it, but we can wholeheartedly say we hope it's not the last time.

Andrew and Merriss have given their lives to serving other; Andrew as a child psychologist and Merriss as a veterinarian. But they also know how to let loose. Andrew is considered "one of the best playmakers Ultimate Frisbee has ever seen" and he played competitively on the Seattle Sockeyes; Merriss is a breathtaking trained dancer (you'll see both of their moves in the film!). Whether they're serving others, loving one another, or having fun, we wish these two a lifetime of love and memories pursuing their dreams as husband and wife!