Macy + Ryan | Vows from a Groom to his Daughter

You make me a better person, and I promise to always love you, protect you, treat you with respect, and most importantly, love you as my own.’

These are just a few of the sweet promises Ryan made to Lia, the 10-year-old daughter of his new bride Macy. There was just something about watching Lia walk her mom down and aisle and seeing Ryan's face light up at the both of them. There seriously wasn't a dry eye in the house during this ceremony, and rightfully so.

This film highlights a beautiful couple and a gorgeously executed day, but most importantly it captures a new family joining together in the most precious way.

Their wedding film captures Ryan's promises to his new daughter and you can see their obvious connection in the ways they interact throughout the day. It has us tearing up every time we watch it.

Macy + Ryan are an incredible couple, and their love and commitment to family inspire us. We hope their film inspired you too <3