Where to begin with these two . . . I almost have no words! Jessie and Neil are treasured to us; not only have they become friends, but they hold a special place in our First and Foremost Productions hearts for being our first official, "how-did-they-even-hear-about-us" clients. Seriously, we didn't even have a website when they contacted us yet they'd somehow seen our work and *gasp* wanted to book us! I can still remember Jarrett and I getting all giddy after that first call. Jessie + Neil gave us the confidence we needed to really go for it with this company, and we're forever grateful to them for that! We love you guys!

Now if you want to experience a wedding day filled with so much love, respect, and anticipation that your heart might burst, then this is the wedding film for you. They wrote their own vows, which were articulated so beautifully that it practically wrote the video's story itself. From their love for sailing to their deep love for each other, this isn't one you want to miss. Trust me when I say tears are a definite and tissue is a must. Enjoy!

Venue: Captain Whidbey Inn
Florals: Pike Place Market
Cake: Neil's talented sister-in-law Keela