This is easily the most unique wedding project we've done to date. Okay, not only is it unique, but it's insanely funny and completely encompasses the fun love these two share. 

When we first met Tim and Michelle, they were one of the most easy going, fun-loving couples we'd met as clients. They told us all about their engagement (it involved jumping out of a plane!) and Tim showed us his Transformer tattoos and unashamedly professed his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, when they first met, it was Michelle's Ninja Turtle knowledge that peaked Tim's interest -- and now they're of course husband and wife! All this to say, we left that meeting saying, "We don't even care if they book us -- we just want to be their friends!" Such. Fun. People.

Tim and Michelle had the great idea of filming a video that would precede their Grand Entrance into their reception at their wedding. We put our heads together, spent a Sunday afternoon filming, and below is the final product. NINJA RAP! Check it out below!

At the end of the video, the reception emcee said, "Everyone, Tim found the girl of his dreams, and he married her today! Welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kha!" It was definitely a hit.

We filmed their wedding this last weekend, and it was beyond beautiful -- and of course fun! We can't wait to get to work o their video so you can see all the excitement these two have to offer!

Song: Vanilla Ice, "Ninja Rap" 
Cameo appearance by: Mr. Torty the tortoise