About Us

Jarrett + Heather

We love surfing, Indian food, motorcycles, and Seattle. Come film with us.

First and Foremost Productions launched in 2012, but the blood, sweat and tears behind it began in 2003 when I found my muse in the beautiful country of India. After two trips to the country that instantly grabbed my heart, I knew I needed to bring some of India back home with me. My packing list for trip number three included a borrowed video camera, tripod, extra batteries and the determination to capture the beauty and heartache I found there. From this sprung my first amateur documentary, "Reaching India," and I haven't looked back since. I graduated from film school with a degree in Digital Filmmaking, married the prettiest, most passionate girl I know, and with her encouragement and awesome second-camera(wo)man skills, we formed First and Foremost Productions. We'd love to use our passion to capture the moments that matter most to you.

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